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After completing her studies now holding two degrees; a B.Sc. in Political Science and a M.Sc. in Global Studies, and having worked with glocal issues mainly concerning the environment and refugees, Evelyn had to create space in her life for something completely different: a forgotten longing now screaming for attention. 

A young girl leaned upon her elbows on the tawny desk. The surface felt cool towards her skin. Her feet dangled in the air off the edge of the old office chair, not noticing the worn out fabric pressing against the back of her thighs. The exhausted threads were barely holding together. She reached her small hands towards a machine in front of her. Her fingers explored the smooth, black, round, buttonlike objects with variations of white lines painted upon them, all lined up in perfect rows. She jerked back slightly by the surprising sound and the paper´s movement as her curiosity had led her to press one of them. A faint smile appeared on her lips and she pressed another one. And another one. And another one. Black ink splashed across the paper in forms she couldn’t yet understand. After it had been explained to her what the machine was used for, she would return to this peculiar toy many times in the near future. Even though she didn’t know what she was typing, the act of typing itself and the sound of the machine working beneath her fingertips made her feel important. As if she had something important to say.

The little girl grew up and lost track of the magic she had experienced, but she always enjoyed writing and learning new languages in school. In her teens she even wrote poems and a few novellas for a short period of time, but once again she strayed off her path. Spending her time working, travelling and educating herself, life took off and time flew by as it does for most people.

Evelyn Lux recently turned thirty, and born Aries as she is, she didn’t back down from the challenge when her heart finally called upon her to pursue one of her deepest and most hidden desires; to write. 

2017 Evelyn began to write the first part of a trilogy in the paranormal romance genre. Currently she’s revising the fourth and final draft. She´s also in the brainstorming and research phase of a historical romance novel.

To learn more about Evelyn´s different projects click here. To follow the progress of her work and to get to know her even better you can check out the blog by clicking here.

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