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Kilonova Blues

Paranormal Romance

Kilonova Blues is the first part in a trilogy about the impossible love between girl-next-door Alexandra Johnson and the mysteriously dark Marcus Meyers.

Currently in the fourth and final round of editing after beta-readings. Scheduled to be published during 2019.

Plot summary:
The organized and hard-working Alexandra Johnson leaves the disappointing Swedish summer behind in hope for a few undemanding days off in vibrant Barcelona. But an unexpected and intense meeting with the taciturn yet passionate American Marcus Meyers leaves Alex completely perplexed. There was something strange about him and his unnaturally bright, ice blue eyes that she just couldn’t wrap her head around. And his touch… 

Thrown back into the heat of her pressing work load, Alex is forced to focus on the upcoming business trip to Seattle. As she walks into her first meeting in The Emerald City, Alex is shocked to find Marcus sitting at the table in front of her. An emotional battle of push and pull built on fear and desire unfolds. While Alex tries to put the pieces of Marcus´ contradictory behaviour together and digs deeper into his dark secrets, she finds a world she thought only existed in the movies. For countless centuries Marcus has kept his fallen angel identity hidden, but his uncompromised love for Alex demands new rules. Suddenly their passionate affair no longer only puts Alex´s heart at stake, but her very soul.   

The Heritage

Historical Romance

This is the first novel in a longer series. It takes place during the mid and late 19th century Sweden, England and America.

Brainstorming and research phase.

Plot summary:
The novel begins in Sweden during the beginning of the Swedish emigration to the United States; a movement in which 1.3 million Swedes left their homes in pursuit of a better life.

At the center of the story we will find a 26-year-old woman and her quest for true and equal love, while enduring the hardships of her time. A task more easily said than done, in a world ruled by forces subduing women’s voices to be nothing more than whispers in the dark.

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